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Waxing is a popular hair removal service that involves the application of warm wax to the skin, which is then removed along with the hair. This technique is effective for removing hair from various areas of the body, including the legs, arms, bikini area, and face.

During a waxing service, a trained aesthetician will apply warm wax to the skin using a spatula or roller, and then use a cloth or paper strip to remove the wax along with the hair. The process may be repeated several times to ensure all hair is removed.

Waxing is a preferred hair removal method for many people because it provides longer-lasting results compared to other hair removal methods such as shaving or depilatory creams. With waxing, hair typically takes several weeks to grow back, and the regrowth is usually finer and less noticeable.


List of Services

Eyebrow £10 Duration (10-15 min )

Upper/lower lip -£5 duration (10 min) 

Chin/forehead £5 duration ( 10 min ) 

Neck £8 duration (10-15 min) 

Side/cheeks £7 duration (10-15 min) 

Nose wax £6 (10-15 min) 

Full Face Hot Wax £35 duration (30-40 min) 

Bikini line £10 duration (15-20 min) 

Hollywood/ intimate hot wax £35(30-40 min) 

Full Arm- £20 duration (20-25min) 

Half Arm- £15 duration (15-20 min) 

Under arm hot wax £10 duration (10-15 min) 

Full leg wax £30 duration (25-35 min) 

Half leg wax £18  duration (15-20 min) 

Three-quarter leg wax £20 (20-25 min) 

Full body wax with Hollywood/ face  £75 duration ( 1.5-2 hours) 

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