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Threading is a preferred hair removal method for many people because it is gentle and does not require the use of any chemicals or heat. It is also suitable for people with sensitive skin, as it does not cause irritation or redness.

The benefits of threading include precise hair removal, reduced risk of ingrown hairs, and a longer-lasting result compared to other hair removal methods such as shaving or depilatory creams. Threading is also a more natural hair removal method compared to waxing, as it does not involve the use of any products that can cause skin irritation.


List of Services

Eyebrows £8 Duration (10-15 min) 

Upper/lower lip  £4 duration (5-10 min) 

Chin £4 duration (5-10 min)

Chin to neck £7(10-15 min) 

Eyebrows, upper-lip & chin- £15 duration ( 15-20 min) 

Forehead £5( 5-10 min) 

Side / cheeks £7( 10-15 min) 

Neck £8(10- 15 min) 

Full face threading including eyebrows £25(20-25min ) 

Full face threading including eyebrows and neck £30( 25-35min)

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